Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: The Birthday Present by Sean Kerr

Well, to say I was surprised by this very untypical, non-fantasy release would be the understatement of the Year! This book shows a whole different side of the very gifted author that is Sean Kerr. From Dead Camp to a sweet and funny read and I’m not talking about the apple pie… If anything this wonderful written short story shows that you don’t need to be a model to find love, so never doubt yourself even if you are a middle aged slightly overweight gay man, whose best years long gone, or so you think… There’s always the one that loves you exactly for the person that you are!

Thank you Sean Kerr for this whole different reading experience and I really would like to read more of the softer side out of your writing cave!

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The Birthday Present by Sean Kerr

Making apple pie can be such messy work.

Ronald feels old, washed up. As a middle aged gay man on the scene, he cannot help but wonder if his time is over. His frustrations are further exacerbated when he finds himself the victim of a group of thugs who seem to find it funny to torment him in his own home.

Ronald is planning a party, a summer celebration of his middle age, but as he begins the preparations in his hot kitchen, a Policeman turns up to question Ronald about the attacks. Over the course of the interview, Ronald comes to understand that perhaps age is just a number after all.

Review: The Dark by Ian Cadena

This short story about his mother’s experience as a child had been one of my first books of the author a while ago. It had been posted then as a free read on Ian Cadena’s website and I’ve been amazed by the authors chameleon like writing abilities ever since. Where I see this book as spooky homage on his mother’s childhood memories and a real life experience, it clearly doesn’t fail to show Ian Cadena’s skills to tell a story and get his readers and fans hooked. What amazes me most about this wonderful author is that he has no problems to switch between different genres. On one side we have this one as an out of life experience, but there are also the hilarious, Scooby Doo like mystery reads and not to forget the paranormal fantasy masterpiece he’d been written.  So I’m sure that some of you will agree with the chameleon like writing abilities the author rocks like no other. If you never have been reading anything by Ian Cadena I sure would recommend this short story and am sure you fall in love with his writing style just as I have.

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The Dark by Ian Cadena #mustread

A short story based on a true encounter my mother had as a child. It's a cold night in a spooky new house and Pat desperately wants the lights to stay on because she's had a terrifying visitor in the dark.

Review: Lace by K. C. Wells

For me this had been the first book by this author, but definitely not the last! I was positively surprised by this wonderfully written book. It’s been one of those friends to boyfriend books, which goes from straight over bi to having the hots for the same sex, but still it was like no other I’ve been reading before.

Shawn and Dave took my heart by storm and the kink seriously gave me the hots, like it did for Dave… Even though I absolutely understand where Shawn’s insecurities came from it was a pleasure to read how these two beautiful men sorted everything out, foremost their real feelings for each other.

I just found out that Lace is the first book in a new series and book two had been already released, so I sure can’t wait to read what the author comes up with in her next story and how she’ll give us some more of the extraordinary reading pleasure I just had the enjoyment to read.

Thank you K. C Wells for this wonderful book! You just got yourself a new fan who sure will check out more of your already released work.

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Lace by K. C. Wells

When Shawn’s best mate Dave breaks up with his girlfriend, Shawn tries not to get his hopes up. After all, Dave’s still straight, right? Wrong. Dave reveals he’s bisexual, and that pounding you hear is Shawn’s heart. He’s loved Dave for so long, but he’s not about to jeopardize their friendship by telling Dave how he really feels.
But when Dave discovers Shawn’s little kink, it opens up a whole new chapter for the two friends. Except Shawn can’t help but worry – if there was no kink, would Dave be there? And is Shawn brave enough to find out?
A standalone short story of lust, lace – and love….

This is a standalone erotic romance for readers who are 18+. 24,460 words

Review: Unlikely in Love by Susan Mac Nicol

I love short stories; they are perfect for times when you don’t have much time to read and for to make a woman like me really happy, you just have to put three short stories in a fewer than 50 pages book and being on my favorite authors list, that’s all.

All three stories are wonderfully written, which is not a surprise by a book from Susan Mac Nicol, but if you’d ask me which one had been my favorite, hmmm let me think… Just kidding! I clearly would go for “Dear Davey” because the main character reminded me so beautifully on Leslie from Susan Mac Nicol’s Men Of London Series. The other two stories are not less wonderful, but I always had the hots for Leslie like characters, because they are making those feel good reads where I really would love to read more books about.

Thank you Susan Mac Nicol for about an hour intense reading pleasure!

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Unlikely in Love by Susan Mac Nicol #mustread

Three delightful short stories about how love begins in the most unexpected ways.

Review: Play Chopin for Me by Max Vos

There are no accidents in life and everything happens for a reason… I strongly believe in this little quote and am sure it had been fated that Dale and Al’s path have crossed. Both men are having similar backgrounds by losing their parents at a very young age. Whereas Dale had to take responsibility for his younger sister, Al’s grandmother had been taking responsibility for him and never left him even enough room to breathe.

For workaholic Dale his world breaks apart as he’d been left with nothing more than the underwear he wears, after losing everything he worked hard for in a devastating fire. As an out and proud gay man he and being a Chef in his own restaurant had been his life, he never had much time for relationships, let alone any interest in fashion and fancy haircuts. That changes the moment his sister Chrissie got her way with him, even though he’s not happy about it at first.

Al’s life never had been easy in the clutches of a grandmother that strongly reminds one of those witches in a Brother Grimm fairy tale and I’m not talking about the nice ones, if there is any. For the shy young man his music is everything to him and every tune he plays is a mirror of his feelings. His life so far had been peppered with dark tunes until Dale comes in his life and sweeps him off his feet and proves to be his knight in shining armor.

The love story of those two wonderful men had been swoon worthy written by Max Vos! I got hooked right from the beginning and couldn’t put the book down until the very last page. Like I already said this book makes you believe in fate and that everything in life happens for a reason, because a love story like this is a once in a life time experience where you will find your soulmate, your everything, your Happily Ever After.. Also fate didn’t bring just love, it also brought them new friends that they needed so badly to solve the also wonderfully written “mystery” part of the book.

I highly recommend this book and want to thank the author for this fantastic reading experience!

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Play Chopin for Me by Max Vos #mustread

After a devastating fire, Dale Lusk shows up at his sister’s door in nothing but his boxers and a raincoat, desperately needing her help. Losing both his restaurant and home has left Dale without direction or a place to live. While pushing her handsome brother into a new wardrobe to match his model looks, Chrissie introduces Dale to Al Borkowski. Al is in desperate need of a roommate before his grandmother takes more control of his life. Little did Chrissie know when she pushed the two men together the sparks that would fly and the changes that would happen in all of their lives.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: Cupid's Arrow, A Love Ink Novel by Kris Cook

Even though I´ve had been reading almost everything by Kris Cook he never fails to amaze me anew. Cupid´s arrow is one from the author’s earlier work and shows a whole different side of his work. If I wouldn´t be already a huge fan, I sure would be after reading this wonderful book.

Cupid´s Arrow will tell you what happens when the grandchildren of the Greek mythology gods take matters in their own hand and decide that it´s time to get back to their roots. Where the elders worked very hard to keep us mortals in the dark about their existence, their offspring is drawn to help humanity behind the elders back. Well you can imagine that chaos is program, throw in a good mystery and a wonderful love story between two very sexy main characters and you are set for the evening. You sure don´t want to miss what happens when the immortal demigod of love Titus Love and mortal Detective “not believing in love” Derek Stone cross path, do you….

I really hope that Kris Cook considers telling us more about of how all the other demigods find their significant other; I even meant to have seen a cover somewhere called Ares’ Sword. So I´m sure eager to find out if there is another highly addictive series from my favorite author in the works….

As always, thank you Kris Cook for a few hours of immense reading pleasure!!!

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For Titus Love, matchmaking is much more than a hobby – it was the family business. Being the grandson of Cupid himself, Titus is obsessed with restoring his grandfather’s good work and leaves Olympus to secretly work his magic in Dallas’s hottest new tattoo studio, Love Ink. 

Detective Derek Stone doesn’t believe in love. Betrayed by a former lover, Derek views the sentimental emotion as a weakness that almost destroyed him vowing never to give anyone that power over him again.

While investigating a string of grisly murders, Derek discovers one common thread – all of the victims were clients of Love Ink and its owner, Titus Love. But when Derek questions his gorgeous suspect, their passion ignites and Derek discovers that the world is bigger and darker than he ever knew. 

Something evil has come to Dallas, and only a hard-boiled detective and the new god of love stand in its way.

An M/M Erotic Romance

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: Always by Kindle Alexander

It seems like ages that I´ve been reading this outstanding book for the first time. It´s been at a time where I still needed a dictionary to read a book in its original language and never dreamed of that there would be a day where none where needed, let alone write reviews in something other than my native language German. A few weeks ago I´d been gifted with a signed copy of Kindle Alexander´s “Always”, from two wonderful men where I have the honor to call my friends. 

The book started out for Kane in a nightmare, a very present nightmare that nobody should have to endure, ever. Getting as fast as he can to a hospital room, where the love of his life, Avery had been settled in after collapsing in his office and waiting now for surgery. The very little time they had, before Avery got into surgery, had been heart breaking and took its toll not only on Kane. With Kane torturing himself with what he could have done better to avoid the scenario right in front of his eyes, his daughter tries to distract him by telling her yet again how the epic love story of her dads began. 

Avery Adams, the grandson of one of Americas most beloved Presidents and on his best way for the job himself had a reservation at La Bella Luna, the upper class Italian restaurant which was booked out for month in advance. Seeing and bee seen, the name of the game. Kane Dalton, proud owner of said restaurant had been more then excited to have such a high profile guest in his restaurant that night. If you ever believed in love on first sight, this is the book for you! Even though their first encounter had been a disaster for Kane, you can be sure an Avery Adams always gets what he wants and he wants Kane, come hell or high water.

For Kane life never had been easy, abandoned by his family a long time ago and just being asked to send money for of his mother’s funeral, but not being allowed to attend the event in person, his heart is heavy. As if that alone wouldn’t be enough, his longtime boyfriend of 4 years just dropped him. With his religious believes and rules he sure didn’t make it easy for himself, let alone for a loving relationship. Last but not least the debacle with the high profile guest on table 34, Avery Adams. Things generally happened in sets of three, so he should be done, right. Good thing he always could count on his staff, which had been more like family than employees to him. Not to forget Paulie, the man that was like a father to him and always had his back.

From their first Kiss on they’ve been inseparable and with both men out and proud, Avery forwent his political career to be with the man he loved more as anything in this world. A year after Avery’s proposal their dream come true and they got married. With every Chapter we got more insight over the deep love these two wonderful men shared in their 40 years together. It’s been a joy to read about their first experience when deciding on having kids, even though it wasn’t easy on Kane when he got jumped by Avery about it in the beginning. On his 50th birthday Avery got his second chance to run for the senate again, which turns life as they have known upside down. There had been so many ups and downs in the following years, but their love to each other and their kids never had been faltering. Being vice president takes its toll on Avery and ignoring his physician appointment ain´t his smartest move.

The last part of the book had me in tears for hours. I knew exactly what Kane had been going thru and my heart broke just a bit more. The very end gave me hope, hope that there will be a time in a better world where we´ll meet our soulmates, our loved ones again. 

Thank you to the amazing writing duo that is Kindle Alexander for this, like I already said, outstanding book about eternal love. Thank you for giving me hopes in times when I needed it the most. Thank you to Kris and his husband Stephen, not only for this amazing gift, but also for being the wonderful, supportive, caring friends that you are. Thank you for always being there and looking out for me! Thank you to my husband, the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, for putting up with me for over 21 years and for the amazing time we´ve been fortunate to share in all those years. Rest in peace my Love, until one day we meet again.
I love you, always,
Petra Andrea

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Born to a prestigious political family, Avery Adams plays as hard as he works. The gorgeous, charismatic attorney is used to getting what he wants, even the frequent one-night stands that earn him his well-deserved playboy reputation. When some of the most prominent men in politics suggest he run for senate, Avery decides the time has come to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. With a strategy in place and the campaign wheels rolling, Avery is ready to jump on the legislative fast track, full steam ahead. But no amount of planning prepares him for the handsome, uptight restaurateur who might derail his political future.

Easy isn't even in the top thousand words to describe Kane Dalton's life after his father, a devout Southern Baptist minister, kicks him out of the family home for questioning his sexual orientation. Despite all the rotten tomatoes life throws his way, Kane makes something of himself. Between owning a thriving upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and managing his long-term boyfriend, his plate is full. He struggles to get past the teachings of his childhood to fully accept his sexuality and rid himself of the doubts brought on by his religious upbringing. The last thing he needs is the yummy, sophisticated, blond-haired distraction sitting at table thirty-four.