Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: The Hard Boys: Alien Abdiction by Ian Cadena

A while ago I’ve been reading the short story „The Dark” by Ian Cadena and had been pretty impressed with his writing skills. Well, to say this book had been different would be the understatement off the year, because it’s one of those “what did I just read” experiences which you first need to process before having an opinion! I think Ian Cadena himself describes this book best with his own words on his website; 

For the most part “Alien Abduction” is very entertaining and the reader can feel the Scooby Doo influence all along. Right from the beginning the book starts pretty hot and the erotic, or should I say naughty… whatsoever, those parts will be present thru the whole book and not just because of the very high sex drive of the Hard Boys. Maybe it’s just me, but the Aliens description reminded me a bit of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, so that made some parts even more hilarious for me. Like I said, the book had been very entertaining, but then there had been these other parts, a story for reflection where you ask yourself; is it possible? Will we become ET one day, a uniform colored, indistinguishable, sexless race? Efficient in execution of task— unencumbered by emotion, desire, envy or gain, because Society had become eager to eliminate all labels, all class envy, all prejudices of color, religion, race, and sex. Maybe we all need to reconsider our attitude that Mr. Cadena’s worst case scenario never will come true, and this story will stay just some fiction of a highly gifted author.
I already got part two and highly recommend this book/series if you are looking for a absolutely entertaining, very naughty read with a story for reflection!


The Musician from Unit G from Kris Cook

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The Musician In Unit G by Kris Cook
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Mockingbird Place Series,
each book can be read as a standalone!

Mockingbird Place (5 Book Series)

The Marine in Unit A (Mockingbird Place Book 1)

The Cowboy in Unit E (Mockingbird Place Book 2)

The Fireman in Unit C (Mockingbird Place Book 3)

The Doctor in Unit H (Mockingbird Place Book 4)

The Fighter in Unit J (Mockingbird Place Book 5)

Holiday Beaus: A Mockingbird Place Novella

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Dead Camp Series 1-3 by Sean Kerr

There’s a very fine line between genius and insanity! To write a book like Dead Camp you sure have to be a genius with a powerful imagination. Even though fantasy books are not my favourite genre, this story had been one of the few that got me hooked from the beginning. There would be no book without the fantasy of the writer, and in my opinion Dead Camp 1 had been perfectly balanced between fantasy, action, humor and an overactive stamina. Some parts of the book had me like “Holy Cow, the author is walking on very thin ice”, whereby my favourites parts where the most insane ones. Although the book is mainly written with a slope to the dark side, I loved its humor and sometimes hilarious moments. About the overactive stamina I just have to say; Sean Kerr’s husband sure has to be a very lucky man…. As for me; I sure will follow this series until the very end!


I really wish this book would be just some awesome fantasy, written by a very gifted author that is Sean Kerr! Sadly most of it isn’t, its history, it’s the darkest part in German history ever, it’s my history.

Dead Camp 2 with its 179 pages took me almost two weeks to read. Sure I’m not the fastest reader on earth, but it hadn’t been because of that. It was because sometimes I just couldn’t take anymore and I needed time to grief, to understand. I’ve been growing up in Germany in the 70th, sure we had history at school, we knew about all the things that happened then, we even had been in one of those Death Camps and I have seen the furnaces where the corps where burned myself, but at my age it was more like someone told you a once upon a time fairy tale, like Hansel & Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. With Sean Kerr’s book and his gift of very visual writing, Germany’s dark history became flesh & blood; it became faces, voices and names. With every new name there had been another soul abandoned to a horrible fate. It wasn’t like reading Anne Frank or watching Schindler’s list. This book had been intense, very intense and sometimes just too much for me to bear and that’s why I needed lots of breaks and it took me so long to finish. Thru Eli’s eyes I could see and feel the pain, the terror and the desperation.

The fantasy part of the book had not been less intense for me, and the hardest part of it was to lose Malachi. I dearly loved the bubbly ghost; he’d been my Sunshine in all that dark. Malachi, as the camp he was, had been good for more than one hilarious moment in the Dad Camp series. Even though I knew there was a risk to lose Malachi’s soul in the process, I couldn’t believe how things turned out and it left me more than just a bit heartbroken.

Thank God the Dead Camp series isn’t just about Nazi Germany; it’s about a history that reaches back since time immemorial, including heaven and hell, as well as everything between. Sean Kerr is a wonderful story teller and has a very special way with words, or like a friend the other day laconic said; Sean Kerr’s texts should win the Pulitzer!


Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul to waste

Sympathy for the devil, that's what I thought of first for my headline, because that's what I really had; Sympathy for the fallen Angel, the firstborn, feeling abandoned by his beloved father, identifying with the lost souls, their displacement and sympathetic to their cause. All the evil in the world created thru the unconditional love of an rebellious angel.

And I was 'round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate....

That's pretty much where Dead Camp 3 has it's roots. Forget everything you ever thought to know about Christianity, because this book will turn it all upside down! This book will let you questioning everything you ever believed in.

Even though I've been suspecting where Eli came from all along, his real identity so to speak, the story was something I never would have dreamed of. To say I've been surprised to witness how he got Menarche would be the understatement of the year! This book had so many twist and turns that every time I thought to have figured out what happens next, Sean Kerr threw me a curveball.

The last chapter and the epilogue was the worst! My heart was ripped out yet again by a fantastic storyteller, whereas I've been happy to meet again with one of my favourite characters of the series, Malachi. I've been crying for Gideon, but glad to be knowing him where he belongs too... holy cow, Adam and Eve, I didn't see that one coming... and don't let me start with the Führer, where it seems we'll meet with yet again in the next book in the series.

Sean Kerr, the Mastermind behind the scenes, did it again! The first two books of the series had been masterpieces, where I thought he never would be able to top, but Dead Camp 3 had it all and so much more. I fell deeply in love with this wonderful written book and I just loved it's blunt language, which brought some light in all the dark. Kudos! Well done, Sean Kerr!

Review: Holiday Beaus; A Mockingbird Place Christmas Novella by Kris Cook

It’s this beautiful time of the year where everything revolves around Christmas, the celebration of Love. What’s better to start this beloved season as with a heartwarming Christmas Novella from one of your favorite authors? There hadn’t been a day this week where I didn’t get myself one or two of new Christmas releases. While still musing which one to read first, it’s been pretty clear after this surprise release from Kris Cook who won the race.

This wonderful written Christmas tale had been very different from the other books of the series. It was a very light and joyful read, just perfect for this first weekend in Advent. Well, sure there had been a little misunderstanding at the beginning and the green eyed monster also showed its presence, but other than that there had been no drama; I’d say quite the contrary. If you are a hopeless romantic and believe in Love at first sight, you sure will love this book as much as I do. This story sneaked its way in my heart and I’m sure it will stay there for quite a while!

Here we have the same problem as we have with every other book in the series, I just didn’t want for it to end! Even though almost every Character from the series is involved in this wonderful story it can also be read as a Standalone. For me one of the biggest highlights was to find out that this series will get a new playground for the author! I don’t know if Cardinal Gardens will be a Spin Off or simply more Apartments for the fast growing Mockingbird Place residents and guess that just time will tell. I’m just happy to know that there will be more and more and more! For now I’m satisfied with knowing that Nicco will be the next in line for this hopefully well-deserved HEA.

Review: The Nexus: Samhain by Ian Cadena

This book was one big challenge for me and I don’t just talk about its 470 pages, groan. Sometimes I have trouble to read books with 200 pages in a reasonable time, but almost 500 pages would be the death of me, so smart as I sometimes am I decided to also get the audio version of the book with it.

As I started this book I wasn’t sure what to expect, knowing other books of the author which are more to the funny side of fantasy life. It didn’t take to long for me to get into the story, whereas I had to accustom first to the back and forth switching between the then and now. While disturbing a bit for me at first it had been pretty clear after a while that; to understand the present, you must first understand the past. I fell in love with Max pretty quickly, and my heart was bleeding for him on so many levels. I think I never was reading a book before where I would have wrapped the main character in cotton wool and commit a murder without blinking an eye. At almost 12 years old, Max is used to be left alone to deal with his nightmares, “seizures and hallucinations”. After moving to Ravencrest and finding friends like Jonas, Cassandra and not to forget Chance it seems like things are getting different, or not… As if it wouldn’t be enough to deal with psycho babbles and an uncaring mother, there is Derek who also makes life difficult for him on a daily base.

I really enjoyed the parts where Max had been allowed just to be the typical 12 year old boy, with not much care in the world, while hanging out with his friends in the CONUNDRUM Café, carving pumpkins, or being close to his first crush Chance. Even though the book was more on the serious side, there also had been some parts that made me chuckle or even laugh out loud. I just loved the Sisters Grimm and absolutely could see them starring in Ian Cadena’s Hard Boy series and am sure that would be hilarious. The only thing I really hated was the last two chapters and epilogue, but it wouldn’t be a series if it wouldn’t stop with a very heart stopping cliffhanger.

Altogether I think this book was a Masterpiece! I could tell that there was a lot of research done for this book and after reading it I’m more convinced than ever about the authors writing skills. I’m just happy that I waited so long for to read it, because now I hopefully won’t have to wait long for the sequel to come out. As for the audio book; I switched back and forth between reading and listening to the book. I was more than happy to learn that Mr. Cadena himself spoke the book on audio, first of because I think there is no better way/person to bring out the emotions of a book like the writer himself and second because I always like to have a voice to the face. Speaking of, I really liked the voice and its slang very much, though for some words I had to double check while reading. One English is not like another and being more used to the Canadian English some words had been a whole new experience for me.

Review: Dyeing To be Loved by Nicole Walker

This truly is a wonderful start in a new series! Aimee Nicole Walker is one of the authors I have on my auto buy list since “Only You”. I’ve also been a big fan of her fated hearts series, which sadly came to an end not long ago. Following her and the m/m genre in general I’ve seen and enjoyed her Tuesday Teasers long before this book have been out. Just because of the teasers I could tell that this series would be different from everything she wrote before, and I haven’t been mistaken.

It doesn’t take long for the reader to know that the two main characters Josh and Gabe already have a history together, whereas Gabe would love a repeat and Josh avoids him like the plague. With Josh being the main suspect in the hot detective’s new case, it sure doesn’t make it easier for Gabe to scratch a particular itch with the more than stubborn beauty salon owner. While they are still not sure if they even like each other it’s pretty clear that they are destined to be together. Some of their up and down, back and forth encounters are hilarious. Josh just hates to switch up his routines, they are his safe place, and therefore some of my favorite parts were as Josh had been thrown out far of his comfort zone.

Even though it’s a mystery, this read is a lot lighter than Aimee Nicole walker’s previous books. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the sequel. I wonder if just Detective Ego will get lucky in this series, or if Doctor Dimples and Chaz will have a chance at…. something. I guess just time will tell….