Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: The Hard Boys: Alien Abdiction by Ian Cadena

A while ago I’ve been reading the short story „The Dark” by Ian Cadena and had been pretty impressed with his writing skills. Well, to say this book had been different would be the understatement off the year, because it’s one of those “what did I just read” experiences which you first need to process before having an opinion! I think Ian Cadena himself describes this book best with his own words on his website; 

For the most part “Alien Abduction” is very entertaining and the reader can feel the Scooby Doo influence all along. Right from the beginning the book starts pretty hot and the erotic, or should I say naughty… whatsoever, those parts will be present thru the whole book and not just because of the very high sex drive of the Hard Boys. Maybe it’s just me, but the Aliens description reminded me a bit of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, so that made some parts even more hilarious for me. Like I said, the book had been very entertaining, but then there had been these other parts, a story for reflection where you ask yourself; is it possible? Will we become ET one day, a uniform colored, indistinguishable, sexless race? Efficient in execution of task— unencumbered by emotion, desire, envy or gain, because Society had become eager to eliminate all labels, all class envy, all prejudices of color, religion, race, and sex. Maybe we all need to reconsider our attitude that Mr. Cadena’s worst case scenario never will come true, and this story will stay just some fiction of a highly gifted author.
I already got part two and highly recommend this book/series if you are looking for a absolutely entertaining, very naughty read with a story for reflection!


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