Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: Something To Dye For by Aimee Nicole Walker

A phone call in the middle off the night and we are full into the next case of Detective Sex on a Stick, with a certain sexy beauty salon owner written target all over, again….

This book was so beautifully written that I couldn’t put it down. I really loved the balance between romance, fun and mystery. Whereas in the mystery part once more half of the town was involved and Josh and his Beauty Salon right in the middle of it, the romance part was to dye for. I really loved the chemistry between Gabe and Josh, their deep, heartfelt love, how they began not just to trust the other, but also their feelings for each other and how it didn’t take long for them to want… something, more. It’s been a joy to read where their L and R words slowly changed their meanings and how they both had been troubled to deal with the times they had to spend apart.

One of the biggest highlights, as always, had been Josh’s blue macaw Savage with his potty mouth, which clearly owned the hilarious moments of the book.

Thank you Aimee Nicole Walker, for this wonderful read!
I can’t wait to read the next book of the series and already wonder if maybe Detective Butt Munch’s past will bite him in the ass… 

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