Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: "The Musician In Unit G" from Kris Cook

Mockingbird Place has been enriched by another wonderful written love story from Kris Cook. Not knowing if Nicco was even gay, but hoping so to get his story, I’ve been wondering who he would end up with. Josh had been a bit a surprise for me, but after reading this book I just can say Kris Cook sure knows what he’s doing. These two men had been perfect for each other!

Nicco and Josh both spent way too many years in their own kind of prison. Nicco had been detained and spent 10 years of his young life for something he didn’t do and Josh spent almost as much time in a different kind of prison and just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both men sacrificed themselves for the ones they love. Already attracted to one another it doesn’t take long for them to fall in love, but before they can get anywhere close to a Happy End they have to deal with the ghosts from the past which are still haunting their every waking moment.

I’m still not sure how to take the last two chapters and somehow they made me feel sad because it seemed like a Good Bye to me. Well sure, there are new Characters and I’m sure the series will go on, but it still seemed like a Good Bye to the Characters we all have been so growing fond of. I guess just time will tell and Kris Cook may have more than one surprise in the near future for us.

Get yor copy of this wonderful book here:

The Musician in Unit G by Kris Cook
(Mockingbird Place Book 6)






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