Friday, April 14, 2017

My Review: Dyed and Gone to Heaven by Aimee Nicole Walker

The third book in Aimee Nicole Walker’s Curl Up and Dye Mystery Series once more gifted me with a few hours of exquisite reading pleasure. I’ve been amazed by so many things in this book, but the biggest joy was to read how far Josh had come, in the short amount of time, since he’d been with his very own and sexy Detective Delicious, or whatever name Josh had seen fitting at that very moment… Sure, there had been still those moments where the ugly head of Josh’s old insecurity had a short presence, but it didn’t take long and the world was back in apple pie order.

Detective Smooth Talker, slowly taking over Josh’s snark had been good for the most hilarious moments at times, even without skinny jeans… The softer side of Gabe when being with Josh had me swooning, the deep love, the trust and understanding between those two men was heartwarming. Seeing as there had been a few dubious, new characters in this book, the suspense packed Mystery side sure didn’t miss out either and kept me on my toes till the surprising end, solved conscientious by Gabe.

Following the hints this wonderful author had been given us over the last two-hundred- sixty-some pages, we sure can look forward to a another amazing, surprise packed read, before those two beautiful men will get their well-deserved HEA. Even though the end of their story is near, I’m happy to hopefully soon after “I Do Or Dye Trying” to be able to dig into Dr. Dimples and Chaz’s long awaited story.

Thank you Aimee Nicole Walker for this absolute amazing read!

Dyed and Gone to Heaven by Aimee Nicole Walker
(Curl Up and Dye Mysteries, #3) 

Gabe and Josh’s romantic dinner date to celebrate love and life takes a shocking twist when a man who’s presumed dead enters the restaurant. What Gabe learns that night and the days that follow sends the homicide investigation down a road full of sharp twists and dangerous turns. Josh is finally living the life he's always wanted. He has a man who loves him just the way he is and an exciting new career opportunity. All of that feels threatened when a mysterious neighbor moves into the neighborhood. Josh is convinced his presence is more than a coincidence and questions what fate has in store for the happy couple. Can Gabe find the balance between work and love or will his focus on justice put their harmony in jeopardy? Can Josh continue to overcome his insecurities or will they overshadow the beautiful life he’s building with the man he loves? Dyed and Gone to Heaven is the third book in the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. These books were written to be read in order. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older.

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