Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: A Mockingbird Place Bundle: 6 Gay Romances + Bonus Material by Kris Cook

Here I am, sitting on a bench at the river and musing what to say about this wonderful series, something that I didn’t say already. I’m a big fan of this series and its author, always was, so I really enjoyed re-reading all this awesome stories. Every story has their own heroes, or should I say survivors, wonderful men that had to endure so much in their young life’s, outcast by their families or society, sent on a long suffering road to recover from their past. Blood isn’t thicker as water, LOVE is! In every one of those 6 books you can feel the love, the healing energy which is never to far when you live in an apartment at Mockingbird Place. How I would love to live there myself, as one of the Mockingbird Place residents, in a community where you're not just a tenant, where you're an important part of a big, loving family of friends. It wouldn’t make much sense to repead my reviews for all of the six books here, but you can find them at and, if you are interested.

The bonus material was as wonderful as the books are, I've been reading it with a laughing and an crying eye. There had been so many happy moments with all my beloved characters, but on the other hand my heart was bleeding for the lgbt youth and how badly a lot of those kids had been treated. I really would like to know if Kris Cook is considering to gift us with a Lifeline Ranch related Mockingbird Place spinoff.... Not only would I love to see how our former Mockingbird Place couples are doing, I also would love to read a lot more about those kids and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking so.

The bottom line is that it was a wonderful collection from the first six books of the series with fantastic bonus material, which left me wanting more. Thank you Kris Cook, for being such an amazing Storyteller!

If you are interested to read this wonderful collection yourself, now is the time to get it, because it's still on sale for 99 Cents until April 17. #finalcountdown

A Mockingbird Place Bundle by Kris Cook
6 Gay Romances + Bonus Material  #mustread
Six Gay Romances all taking place at Mockingbird Place in Dallas - plus Bonus Scenes at Lifeline Ranch. The lives of hot gay college-aged residents of the 10-unit apartment complex are explored.

The Marine in Unit A - Oliver & Adam
The Cowboy in Unit E - Trace & Luke
The Fireman in Unit C - Eli & Jackson
The Doctor in Unit H - Jaris & Maddox
The Fighter in Unit J - Tony & Stephen
Holiday Beaus - Chad & Blake

Bonus Scenes - Lifeline Ranch

Our couples take the next steps in their journey of love.

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