Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Noble: Episode Two (Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series Book 2) by Nicholas Bella

The second book in this highly addictive series started with Eric musing about his new vigilante life as Cobra. While musing he takes us way back to give us insight in his past and where his superpowers had been coming from. I really appreciated this little tidbit, because I've been already wondering if this series had been a spinoff from another series by the author, so thank you for that.

While cleaning the streets successful of criminals, Eric sure enjoys when his ego gets stroked or even better when there is a sexy, willing male body to show him his gratitude. With Jordan working on his hacker skills and going back to college they’ve been also stocking up on their equipment. Hacking into the dark web and witnessing one of the most horrible crimes ever, a crime so cruel nobody ever should have to witness, let alone endure as a victim; their only plan is track those sick f**** down and let them pay, an eye for an eye. Following the money trail of the killing game, the name responsible for the victim’s horrible death had been found soon and was taking them into an entire differently world of crime. With plan A and B not working, there’s always a plan C for Eric and while learning off his sloppy mistakes, Cobra’s first target in a nest of vipers will be dying a very slow and painful death. Personally I think there is no mother in this world who wouldn’t have joyful killed that target herself.

The second Episode of the series had been a lot darker and very intense, but nonetheless a fantastic read. I'm thankful that there are no cliffhangers and the episode ended with amazing sex between the main characters. The authors writing skill speaks for itself and there is no chance you won’t be addicted, after reading the first two books of the series. I’m already in love with the cover of book 4, I mean hey, have you seen that sexy silver fox... Before getting there I still have to devour Episode 3 to find out who'll be Cobra’s next target from the killing game.

Thank you Nicholas Bella, for this continued fantastic reading experience!

Noble: Episode Two by Nicholas Bella

(Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series Book 2)

"I thought I knew what evil looked like... I was wrong."

It's foolish to think you've seen it all just because you've seen things no human should ever have to see. The things I've gone through in my twenty-eight years on this earth have shaped me into the man... or in my current case... the vigilante I am today. It's been three months since I've taken up the mantle of Defender of the Innocent from Putrid Scum.  I go by Cobra for short. I must admit, I feel like I have a real purpose now and I do enjoy kicking a lot of--well, you get the point. Things were going pretty good until my partner, Jordan, cracked through the firewall of an illegal website on the dark web. I'd been witnessed to a lot of horrors on the battlefield, but seeing this particular round of humanity's sadistic cruelty to humanity actually made me lose my lunch. That's not an easy feat. I know one thing, I'm going to take down the monsters who run this site and all of their sick customers. That's my new life goal.  

Warning: This is a novella serial series that will be coming at you fully loaded with hot, gay sex. Yes, there will be all kinds of bodily fluids splashing and squirting in all directions with each episode. Expect body parts to be sliced, diced, gouged, and even ripped apart because I don't half step. This is a series intended for adults only, who want a superhero that loves to play dirty... and by dirty, I mean grimy as hell.  

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