Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: Always by Kindle Alexander

It seems like ages that I´ve been reading this outstanding book for the first time. It´s been at a time where I still needed a dictionary to read a book in its original language and never dreamed of that there would be a day where none where needed, let alone write reviews in something other than my native language German. A few weeks ago I´d been gifted with a signed copy of Kindle Alexander´s “Always”, from two wonderful men where I have the honor to call my friends. 

The book started out for Kane in a nightmare, a very present nightmare that nobody should have to endure, ever. Getting as fast as he can to a hospital room, where the love of his life, Avery had been settled in after collapsing in his office and waiting now for surgery. The very little time they had, before Avery got into surgery, had been heart breaking and took its toll not only on Kane. With Kane torturing himself with what he could have done better to avoid the scenario right in front of his eyes, his daughter tries to distract him by telling her yet again how the epic love story of her dads began. 

Avery Adams, the grandson of one of Americas most beloved Presidents and on his best way for the job himself had a reservation at La Bella Luna, the upper class Italian restaurant which was booked out for month in advance. Seeing and bee seen, the name of the game. Kane Dalton, proud owner of said restaurant had been more then excited to have such a high profile guest in his restaurant that night. If you ever believed in love on first sight, this is the book for you! Even though their first encounter had been a disaster for Kane, you can be sure an Avery Adams always gets what he wants and he wants Kane, come hell or high water.

For Kane life never had been easy, abandoned by his family a long time ago and just being asked to send money for of his mother’s funeral, but not being allowed to attend the event in person, his heart is heavy. As if that alone wouldn’t be enough, his longtime boyfriend of 4 years just dropped him. With his religious believes and rules he sure didn’t make it easy for himself, let alone for a loving relationship. Last but not least the debacle with the high profile guest on table 34, Avery Adams. Things generally happened in sets of three, so he should be done, right. Good thing he always could count on his staff, which had been more like family than employees to him. Not to forget Paulie, the man that was like a father to him and always had his back.

From their first Kiss on they’ve been inseparable and with both men out and proud, Avery forwent his political career to be with the man he loved more as anything in this world. A year after Avery’s proposal their dream come true and they got married. With every Chapter we got more insight over the deep love these two wonderful men shared in their 40 years together. It’s been a joy to read about their first experience when deciding on having kids, even though it wasn’t easy on Kane when he got jumped by Avery about it in the beginning. On his 50th birthday Avery got his second chance to run for the senate again, which turns life as they have known upside down. There had been so many ups and downs in the following years, but their love to each other and their kids never had been faltering. Being vice president takes its toll on Avery and ignoring his physician appointment ain´t his smartest move.

The last part of the book had me in tears for hours. I knew exactly what Kane had been going thru and my heart broke just a bit more. The very end gave me hope, hope that there will be a time in a better world where we´ll meet our soulmates, our loved ones again. 

Thank you to the amazing writing duo that is Kindle Alexander for this, like I already said, outstanding book about eternal love. Thank you for giving me hopes in times when I needed it the most. Thank you to Kris and his husband Stephen, not only for this amazing gift, but also for being the wonderful, supportive, caring friends that you are. Thank you for always being there and looking out for me! Thank you to my husband, the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, for putting up with me for over 21 years and for the amazing time we´ve been fortunate to share in all those years. Rest in peace my Love, until one day we meet again.
I love you, always,
Petra Andrea

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Born to a prestigious political family, Avery Adams plays as hard as he works. The gorgeous, charismatic attorney is used to getting what he wants, even the frequent one-night stands that earn him his well-deserved playboy reputation. When some of the most prominent men in politics suggest he run for senate, Avery decides the time has come to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. With a strategy in place and the campaign wheels rolling, Avery is ready to jump on the legislative fast track, full steam ahead. But no amount of planning prepares him for the handsome, uptight restaurateur who might derail his political future.

Easy isn't even in the top thousand words to describe Kane Dalton's life after his father, a devout Southern Baptist minister, kicks him out of the family home for questioning his sexual orientation. Despite all the rotten tomatoes life throws his way, Kane makes something of himself. Between owning a thriving upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and managing his long-term boyfriend, his plate is full. He struggles to get past the teachings of his childhood to fully accept his sexuality and rid himself of the doubts brought on by his religious upbringing. The last thing he needs is the yummy, sophisticated, blond-haired distraction sitting at table thirty-four.


  1. What a great review. Thank you so much Petra! Big hugs. You make me want to read the story. You're wonderful. I'm very very sorry about your husband. It's heartbreaking. Stay strong. We're always here for anything you need. <3 <3

    1. Thank you Kindle, that means a lot to me! <3 I'm glad you like the review! Thank you for this wonderful book!!!