Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review: Injustice: Episode Four by Nicholas Bella (Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series Book 4)

The fourth book of the series for once is a bit different then the last three because Richard Tate sure is anything as the easy target Eric aka Cobra could wish for. It would be so much easier to rob Fort Knox then getting anywhere close to Richard Tate. Thank god for his ability to transform into anybody that could get him more information and one step closer to his aim. For Eric that means to step up his game and trying more than ever to make no mistakes. His new addiction, the Sexy Silver Fox Alexi Taylor sure know how to distract a man on a mission, if he just wouldn´t be the enemy everything could be so much easier. Jordan sure isn´t happy about the new man in Eric´s life and jealousy rears his ugly head. Good thing that it doesn´t take long and Eric´s seemingly lost appetite for Jordan is back soon in full force.

Even though this book had been a bit different it´s been nonetheless an amazing read in usual Nicholas Bella manner with lots of action and breathtaking sex scenes. Like in the prior books I really appreciated that there had been no cliffhangers at the end, just a very pleasurable sex scene. Well sure, the story will be continued with the same target, but nothing that would give me sleepless nights because I´d be giddy to find out what happens next…

Thank you to Nicholas Bella for another amazing read, where I wasn´t able to put it down until the very last page.

Injustice: Episode Four by Nicholas Bella

(Cobra: The Gay Vigilante Series Book 4)

"Why can't I get this sexy silver fox out of my system?"

I'm preparing for one hell of a mission in taking our Richard Tate. This guy has been the big fish I've want to catch that may lead me to ever bigger fish.  Problem is he's extremely protected and I need to figure out how to get close to Mr. Tate so that I can torture the hell out of him, preferably to death. Of course, not before I get some answers. Taking down the Killing Game isn't my only issue, though. There's this sexy as sin silver fox that I've recently met that still has my body tingling in all the right places. Too bad he's a cop and assigned to a murder that I committed. Needless to say, things are about to get complicated.

Warning: This is a novella serial series that will be coming at you fully loaded with hot, gay sex. Yes, there will be all kinds of bodily fluids splashing and squirting in all directions with each episode. Expect body parts to be sliced, diced, gouged, and even ripped apart because I don't half step. This is a series intended for adults only, who want a superhero that loves to play dirty... and by dirty, I mean grimy as hell.

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