Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: The Mistake by Kris Cook


It had been a pleasure to read some bonus material from our very first Mockingbird Place couple Oliver & Adam.  I really badly was in need of a Mockingbird Place fix; even it was just a short one!

Oliver is devastated; while everybody from Mockingbird Place had been busy with the yard sale going on, one of his most precious things had gone missing. Something Malcom, the man who had been like a father for Oliver had left him as he passed away and which had been stuffed with so many wonderful memories. What started as a fun day for everybody involved ended for Adam as a race. Well, who wouldn´t do anything to make the love of his life happy again, right, and as a former Marine Adam sure has his ways to find out where the lost box ended up.  What better way to treat your hero with a round of hot, sweaty sex and Oliver sure knows what his man likes….

Thank you Kris Cook, for this amazing little gem while waiting for the Cop In Unit F, which will be coming up next in this most wonderful series!

How I love to be one of Kris Cook´s VIP Readers!

The Mistake is a free VIP reader bonus scene for The Marine in Unit A, which takes place between the first and second book in the amazing Mockingbird Place Series from Kris Cook.

To get your own copy of this wonderful book you have to subscribe to Kris Cook´s VIP Newsletter, so what are you waiting for?

Visit Oliver and Adam, who are now living happily in love together in Unit A. But a mistake sends this couple faces a challenge to find something precious that has gone missing.

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