Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: The Dark by Ian Cadena

This short story about his mother’s experience as a child had been one of my first books of the author a while ago. It had been posted then as a free read on Ian Cadena’s website and I’ve been amazed by the authors chameleon like writing abilities ever since. Where I see this book as spooky homage on his mother’s childhood memories and a real life experience, it clearly doesn’t fail to show Ian Cadena’s skills to tell a story and get his readers and fans hooked. What amazes me most about this wonderful author is that he has no problems to switch between different genres. On one side we have this one as an out of life experience, but there are also the hilarious, Scooby Doo like mystery reads and not to forget the paranormal fantasy masterpiece he’d been written.  So I’m sure that some of you will agree with the chameleon like writing abilities the author rocks like no other. If you never have been reading anything by Ian Cadena I sure would recommend this short story and am sure you fall in love with his writing style just as I have.

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The Dark by Ian Cadena #mustread

A short story based on a true encounter my mother had as a child. It's a cold night in a spooky new house and Pat desperately wants the lights to stay on because she's had a terrifying visitor in the dark.


  1. a stunning review for a stunning Author!! Congratulations Ian!! xxxxx

    1. Awww, thank you Sean, glad you like it!!!

    2. Thank you Petra for this review